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Comes with 30 Truffles. Choice four Flavors OR Standard Assortment. you have another option send me the flavors you want my gmail


Welcome to FIVE STAR TRUFFLES! When you visit us, you're in for a treat.Experience our handmade chocolate truffles in more than 25 flavors, including liquor & vegan creations, all gluten free. Also serving unique hot chocolate & specialty coffee drinks. Our truffles are renowned for their freshness and distinctive combination of spices, flavors and aromas.


The perfect gift! Now creating custom flavored truffles


for special occasions and events. Now shipping nationwide!



Please make sure that the Ship To Address is accurate. An additional $18 delivery charge(s) will apply if any part of the address is incorrect, missing or sent back to five star Truffles. For delivery. please call us for further information.

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