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20-pieces heart gift box

20-pieces heart gift box

SKU: 0006

Caja de 20 trufas finas

chocolate Truffles. Standard Assortment or you have to selected the Four Flavors send me in my gmai


    pleace be advised that all truffles may contain traces of nuts, fruits, peanuts, and/or dairy, since our truffles are made by hand in the same facility.

  • Refund policy

    Now shipping nationwide! Please make sure that the Ship To Address is accurate. An additional $15 delivery charge(s) will apply if any part of the address is incorrect, missing or sent back to five star truffles. For delivery , please call us for further information.415 552 5128

  • chocolate flavors

    no Liquor Flavors , dark chocolate , espresso , caramel , lemon , raspberry , earl grey , orange , coconut , hazelnut , cayenne caramel , peanut butter , dark cayenne , black & white , vanilla


    liquor flavors , cognac , tequila , rum coco , hazelnut liquor , almond liquor , bourbon whiskey , bourbon honey , raspberry liquor , grand marnier


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