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24 bars , to make hot chocolate at home

24 bars , to make hot chocolate at home


Welcome to FIVE STAR TRUFFLES! since 2006

When you visit us, you're in for a treat.

Experience our handmade chocolate truffles in more than 25 flavors, including liquor & vegan creations, all gluten free. Also serving unique hot chocolate & specialty coffee drinks. Our truffles are renowned for their freshness and distinctive combination of spices, flavors and aromas.

The perfect gift!

Now creating custom flavored truffles

for special occasions and events.

Now shipping nationwide!

We are located at

4251-A 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94114

Open Mon-friday 8A-7P & saturday 9 A-7P Sun 9A-5P

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    r/sanfrancisco•5 days ago webrender Every notable hot chocolate in San Francisco, reviewed

    Five Star Truffles - 10/10 - This is it, folks. The best hot chocolate in San Francisco. Real chocolate taste, creamy, and delicious. Luscious hot chocolate, but not too dark or bitter. A perfect hot chocolate. Truffles were great as well.

  • Refund policy

    Now shipping nationwide! Please make sure that the Ship To Address is accurate. An additional $15 delivery charge(s) will apply if any part of the address is incorrect, missing or sent back to five star truffles. For delivery , please call us for further information.415 552 5128



  • 24 tablets one pound

     3 tablets for 12 oz cups ) 4 tablets for 16.oz cups 

    12 seconds in the microwave, and you heat the milk and put it on top of chocolate and mix it for a minute and it's ready to drink.

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